ICM has an in-house Engineering and InspectionDivision dedicated to emission stack inspection and repair services – the only company in Canada which can make this claim. ICM is also Canada’s only stack services company who is a full member of CICIND.

We follow best engineering practices in addition to ASCE and CICIND guidelines when determining what level of inspection or repair is required for your emission stack assets.

We review every project independently to determine what is required and prudent, and we send an engineer, not a chimney worker, to carry out all inspections. Furthermore, your inspection or repair report will come with a PENG stamp – assurance that ICM reports are of the highest standard available.


This division ensures best engineering practices are maintained with all of our service offerings, some of which include:

  • ASCE Inspection Programs – all classes.
  • Asset management (inspection and maintenance) programs including single stack / single site, to multi-stack / multi-site portfolio management.
  • Costing & planning studies on demolitions, repairs, retrofits, and new build stacks (green and brown field sites).
  • Structural engineering.
  • Stack modification engineering and execution – height extensions / reductions, other changes
  • Guy wire system design and maintenance
  • NDE program oversight and results evaluation such as UTM (ultrasonic testing), MPI (mag particle inspection), GPR (ground-penetrating radar), and core samples on concrete


Employers in Canada are obligated by the Canada Labour Code (Part II) as well as provincial OH&S (occupational health & safety) legislation – such as Ontario’s OHSA – to ensure that their facility is properly maintained to protect the health and safety of workers. We understand these requirements as it pertains to stacks, and are experts are assuring your assets are in compliance.