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Major Concrete Stack Inspection and Repair

Oil Refinery

Inspection and repair of 300' major concrete stack

A Caribbean Refinery’s hot gas, concrete chimney, had visible cracks forming and loose concrete falling. ICM was contracted to do a complete inspection to determine the full extent of repairs necessary. The chimney had no permanent access, so steeplejack rigging and scaffolding was erected.

The inspection revealed much more severe damage and degradation to the concrete column than could have been anticipated. Working together with the client, ICM was able to offer an engineered solution to salvage the severely damaged chimney. Vast amounts of dangerously loose concrete had to first be excavated and lowered safely to ground, while not impeding plant operations. All excavated areas had new reinforced steel anchored and then forms were installed and specialty concrete poured. Upon completion of repairs, tension bands were installed around the column and the entire stack was coated with an exterior protective coating.

This alternative solution saved the client over a million dollars by avoiding having to install a new concrete sheath.