Our Services

We are experts in the business of inspecting, maintaining, repairing and dismantling concrete, brick and steel industrial chimneys and flare stacks.

Serving an international clientele, ICM enables plants, factories and institutions to continue operating efficiently, cleanly and safely. We understand that the timely and efficient performance of our work is critical to our industry partners, helping them to continue to grow into the future.


Industrial Chimney Repair and Maintenance

ICM’s tradesmen are highly skilled professionals with expertise in the full range of industrial chimney repair and maintenance services. Our unique approach ensures high-quality results while minimizing or eliminating facility downtime.

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Flare Stack Repair and Maintenance

With over 25 years of experience in flare stack inspection and molecular seal replacement, ICM is unsurpassed in its expertise. We provide the full range of flare stack services.

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Industrial Chimney Inspections

ICM provides complete chimney inspection services for concrete, radial brick, steel and flare stacks, as well as steel bridges and towers. All of our inspections are backed by detailed reports with supporting videos and images.

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Industrial Chimney Turnarounds

ICM has the experience, equipment and personnel to satisfy all of our customer's needs during important turnarounds. Our project management capabilities will ensure that all work gets done with the least demand on your valuable time and the least impact on your business.

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hot-cam chimney inspections

Hot-Cam Inspections

Industrial Chimney Maintenance has developed an inspection system that allows clients to obtain hi-resolution digital images of the interior of their chimneys while the boilers/furnaces are on-line. These hot-cam inspections provide invaluable information to help the client plan future shutdown repair work.

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