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Hot-Cam Inspection


Hot-cam inspection of refractory / brick-lined crude heater and coke oven stacks

Refineries and Steel mills often suspect failure to the liners within their stack after infra-red inspection. Taking their stacks off-line is rarely an option. With temperatures inside the stacks in excess of 600° F, ICM’s hot-cam system is the ideal solution.

On one occasion, a refinery suspected refractory failure to their crude heater stack. They were very concerned and needed to determine the extent of damage without causing a shutdown in operations.

Rigging was an added challenge as this stack was 280 ft high and 13 feet in diameter, with no exterior access ladders or platforms. ICM erected steeplejack ladders and scaffolding using custom engineered rigging. Work had to be performed under a cold permit.

ICM’s hot-cam inspection was successful in discovering the location and severity of the refractory failures. This allowed the client to properly evaluate their situation without encountering any costly downtime.